International Cell

The International Student Cell at Keynoverse Institute in Dubai is a department dedicated to providing support and guidance to international students studying at the institute. The cell serves as a point of contact between the institute and the international student community, helping them adapt to the academic, cultural, and social environment of the institute and the city of Dubai. The cell provides a range of services, including visa and immigration assistance, academic advising, career counseling, cultural orientation, and social activities. The goal of the International Student Cell is to ensure that international students have a positive and successful experience during their time at our institute.

Our services

Academic advising

The cell provides academic advising to international students on course selection, academic requirements, and academic policies.

Visa & immigration assistance

The cell provides support and guidance to international students on visa and immigration procedures, including visa application, renewal, and extension.

Cultural orientation

The cell provides cultural orientation programs to help international students adjust to the cultural norms and values of Dubai.

Accommodation assistance

The cell assists international students in finding accommodation, either on or off-campus.

Social activities

The cell organizes social activities and events for international students to help them connect with other students, build relationships, and create a sense of community.

Language Support

The International Cell provides language support services to help students improve their English language skills.


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